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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
I know two guys who have done it and one more is thinking of it.
One guy lived in Virginia and the other in Florida.
Both my age, 36. And both made the same mistake i made.

They married right after graduation to supposedly very nice girls who sadly had little to no secondary education.

And we being good guys did what good guys do. We helped our partners in going for their secondary education so that they would become better people.
3/3 we were all cheated on. 3/3 the women never finished their educations and 3/3 the bitches got nothing in terms of alimony. And 3/3 none of us want to have kids.

So you are a mid 30 yo guy well educated, all of us have masters be it in engineering or in business, all of us make enough money to have nice homes and drive nice cars and live good lives. Not rich but ok. you know. And we all work in the tech field where it's 52 dicks for the only 2 fugly fat fuck chicks....and no way in hell are we going to fuck the of the guys was married to a very attractive stripper.

First thing you realize when you stick your head out in your mid 30's.
Wing men...what wing men!? All of your friends your age are either married or married with kids or married trying to have kids!

The next thing you know is this, women age like shit! Remember that hot piece of ass you knew back when you were 21...well she is now 36 has two kids from two different guys loos as if she has fallen face first from the ugly tree hit every branch on the way down and was then hit by the ugly express....after which she ate the buss and it all went to her ass. Sure you would fuck her....but odds are she would kill you if she rolled over on you...that's assuming her kids would give you the time for said fucking.

You on the other hand have never been in better shape! No really! I'm 35 and can bench more than i could when I was 25 and now have a 4 pack abs! Thank you good food, time to go to the gym and personal trainer! So you think you can date younger girls....after all compared to those punk ass bitches she has been dating you are fucking PIMP! And you are....but well that only works for so long. Have you listened to what these girls call music? WTF! And well I make good money...i don't make sugar daddy money! But they sure do look good naked! and fuck like bunnies!

So you are fucked. And oh don't look at your friends your buds your bros for support. They are up all night feeding some fucking rug rat and changing it's shit soaked pants or are trying to figure out why their hormoned up bitch of a wife is pissed off at them for putting the toilet seat down. And right now they would give their left nut and half their blood to live your "perfect bachelor" life for one week!

So you turn to the internet for dating...see you may be better off than you were when you were 25 but fuck you have this 7-8 job now and you are a manager. So my friends and i tried eharmoy and .....which we quickly discovered were total fakes since half the women on there....were no longer on there...the web pages owen their profiles and keep them alive long after they are gone. This became obvious when Sean found his buddies wife's profile on there and they had been married for two years! And well online dating is the dive bar of dive bars on the wrong side of the tracks in the middle of a trailer park. And add to it that it's a sausage fest and well it pisses you off quickly.

Now if you are lucky enough to be living in a major city such as NYC all of the above is a non issue for you. For in NYC there are 2 girls for every 1 guy and well half the guys in NYC are gay. So the ladies are nice because well...there aren't that many stable decent heterosexual men around.
Me and my two buds fucked up, we bought places in the burbs. So we are fucked.

And there we two friends after 3 years each decided fuck this shit! stopped dating put aside about $5k and went for the mail order bride thing. One went Bella Russian, the other Latina. I have never met the Latina but i hear she is nice....haven't been to his part of Virginia in ages since i took my new job. Now my friend Sean who lives just outside of Tampa...HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS GOOD! He found a down right i shit you not goddess! With a PhD in economics a body that makes you want to dry hump a cactus and a personality so nice you have to ask...what drugs is she on?

They have been married going on a year and a half now and from what i hear she has a job working for a shipping company. She makes great money in this down economy which is nice. But also gives her the ability to do what she wants to do....but oddly she's not big on material things? she is more into going on vacations. And keeps dragging him to exotic places. Last I knew they had gone to Belize to go scuba diving with whale sharks?

And well I'll be honest I've even given it a thought or two. Dates are spendy. On any given date you could be out $100 no issues. and fuck the sex....the girl could just be nuts.
So if you know what you are looking for...and have the cash...why not.

FYI don't talk to any women about this....this will piss them the fuck off!
Remember you are a man you get better with age, women age like cut flowers. So anything they can do to keep you thinking that you are on a losing end of the war is in their favor.

So hope this helps....but if you are still not sure and think the girl next door is just perfect?

Check this out!
Good read.
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