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Originally Posted by Killerfish2012 View Post
1. Change your radiator. By 90K miles, mine was leaking, and clogged, despite spraying water at it.
2. Try and hose down your radiator (actually your condenser, but the radiator will get hit right behind it), before each session. That will radically lower your water, and even oil temps b4 you go out for a session. My water gets down to 59F to start the session. By the time I'm ending the session, I'm at 107F. This was suggested by The Hack, and it has eliminated the issues for me. I'm running Cobbs 100 Octane race map btw.
Thanks for the suggestions! I only have 45k miles on my car, so shouldn't have any problems with the radiator at this point I wouldn't think. Plus the coolant I drained out looked pretty clear.

I will definitely try #2 next time. Do you just take a spray bottle to it? Or do you really need access to a hose? Just glad to know I am getting there on coolant temp management finally. Its so frustrating when you are in your groove on the track and then the car pull power and throws a CEL, just ruins concentration.

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