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Originally Posted by mindovaanything View Post
After reading through this entire thread, some sections a few times as well as other threads and posts about oil coolers, and overheating; I think that I may be more paranoid than I need to be about limp mode. I have been shying away from signing up for a track day despite how badly I would like to go because I feel like my car isn't ready despite all I've done in prepping it. Primarily because this thread and other posts make me feel like I need an upgraded oil cooler or going to the track will be a waste of time and money.

Given all of the info below I should probably just go hit the track (Thunderhill most likely) and see what happens before I drop another $1,500 for the ER competition oil cooler. What do you guys think? Am I track ready? Maybe I should add the BMS Sport Oil Cooler Valve to my setup for some extra margin?

I'm a novice driver, my car has the factory oil cooler and is MT with ~74K on the clock.
I'm running a Wedge E30 Plus flash via the Vishnu OFT ( I also have Procede Rev 3 but not currently installed.) I have RPI Scoops, DCI's, ER CP w Tial BOV, & SteveAZ Stage2 LPFP with 8 gallons of E85 per full tank of 91. I'd at least like to attempt running the tune at the track but could always flash back to stock and/or ask Wedge for a lower boost track map.

I've got ECS slotted rotors & SS lines with ATE fluid & Hawk HPS pads all around.
Stock springs & struts but M3 suspension arms F&R, GC Camber kit and proper alignment.
Square Apex Arc8 17x9.5 with plenty of tread on 265 Hankook RS3.
Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood, M3 rep front bumper with deleted fogs and carbon fiber front lip. I've got cowl filters and removed engine cover but no intention of running with the heat on.

I just got new turbos under warranty, the water pump seems to be in good working order and I've recently done walnut blasting, replaced the valve cover gasket & oil filter housing gaskets. I have new NGK plugs & coils (updated version). I'm already running distilled water + mocool in the radiator. Before AutoX this Saturday I am going to swap out the transmission fluid for Redline D6 and my AMS FMIC should also arrive and be installed by me on Friday.

Overall the car is running like a champ, and has performed really well on the street, at AutoX and the drag strip despite my lack of driving skill. Sorry for the long winded and somewhat off-topic post but what you think, track ready or no?

Take it to the track. It will be fine. Just make sure to have fresh brake fluid.

I'd recommend taking the tune off for your first day. No need to stress the engine as the speed won't do you any good when your still learning the basics and the line.

Have fun and don't worry!