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Can't compare an 335 with an E46 M3 as a drivers car.

If you going for 400+HP go with a 335i, otherwise keep the D. Want a car that feels special to drive get the E46 M3.

The M3 is not that slow.. There are mods that can be done which can give the massive performance like a remap does to a 335 etc..

I would never have a 335i now. The reliability would really put me off. A 335d I could (again) but for a daily. Would want to keep the m3 too.

Only car I think I could get next is a E92 M3 or an M5. But for now very happy with the E46. Peddle it properly and it's a quick car. 0-100 in 11 secs ain't to be sniffed at. Had no troubles with E92 M3's ! Ain't tried a 335i yet.

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Aha I thought you were considering driving into London, if you are only using it as a weekend toy then get the 335i or M3. My 335i is for weekend use only too and I was looking at exactly the same choices but in convertible form. I went for the 335i in the end as it was a newer car, better interior and slightly lower running costs but both are awesome tbh and more exciting than the D.
Better interior being an opinion rather than fact.

I had a new 335d and although it's a nice modern look to the interior (I-drive a must) the quality of the leather is not as good as my M3's Nappa.

I actually prefer the shaped dash in the E46 too. Just feels more driver focused.
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