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Originally Posted by Edi1011 View Post
No offence, but when you had the 335d EVERY post you made was how much better the 335d was compared to the E46 M3 - think you actually said that you had never lost at the Pod to any E46 M3.

Now you have changed to the M3 you are now trying to say that the E46 is soo much better car than the e9x 335i/d ?

As said ^^^ not want to cause offence - but your post seems a tad hypocritical to the views you had previously given prior to changing from a 335d to the E46 M3

[ yes I am also on M3Cutters so know what the problems they say apply to their cars ]
Perhaps experience of an M3 has made DXB appreciate that there's more to a good driver's car than being fast in a straight line? It is of course possible he's one of those people that thinks whatever they happen to be driving is the greatest thing since sliced bread but trying to be fair maybe he's matured and seen the light?!!