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Originally Posted by swu
E90 = driver's car

TL = passenger's car
Good summary here!

I came from a 2002 Acura-TL Type-S, and I also drove the redesigned model (loaner when it was in for service).

The 2001-2003 models are a disaster with the transmission recall and defects. (Check out the Acura forums for an exact description on this problem, basically your tranny has to be replaced every 25-35k miles)

Anyway the newer TL 2004+ is a nice car in terms of options but I still feel it is poorly made (made in Ohio). I've had a list of problems - some small and some big on my 2002 TL and most were due to poor build quality.

The 2004+ TL vibrates when around 55-60mph due to the transmission shifting to 6th gear too early (automatic obviously).

This is a HUGE problem in the TL community.