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Originally Posted by boostaholic786 View Post
I live here in Plano where his shop use to be and you have no idea the things that man has done to people. Myself, my good friends, basically everybody. He installed his custom FULL 3" downpipes on my car and at the time I just trusted the guy and dropped my car off to him. Well when I got the car back it was rattling like hell so I went straight back. They said they left a bolt loose...Yea really good workmanship. I got a set of RB's and the installer that was putting them on said I dont have any "custom" downpipes and that I had the raceland downpipes that are 3 inch then tapper. I specifically told him I wanted full 3" downpipes. So I get intouch with him and was very upset so he said he would refund me if I brought the racelands back. Took them back and TO THIS DAY HAVE YET TO RECIEVE THE MONEY!! Its been over 2 years HAHA!!! He ran away to Arizona or New Mexico and opened up a shop where he is building 5.0 mustangs... What a good business man!!!

P.S. His products are amazing. I have his gen 2 intake as well as the stage 2 oil cooler. I love the intake because my car is an M-sport car so it gets direct airflow. The oil cooler is hands down the best you can get. After doing 4-5 back to back 50mph-150mph maybe a little faster sometimes, temps never go above at the max 230 degrees. usually sits at 210 in traffic 215-220
did you get the diffuser with your oil cooler?
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