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Originally Posted by Manny_World View Post
The main things they look for (from my experience) is dp and charge pipes. Intakes are subjectable but those are easy to take back to stock so why not. I could have got mines replaced if I would have kept my stock charge pipe .
I'm sure it's somewhere on this thread, but here is a quote from the bulletin, which is SI B 01 02 12: BMW NA has agreed to extend, to a total of 8 years or 82,000 miles, whichever comes first, the emissions warranties covering the Settlement Class Membersí vehicles for any failure of a turbocharger caused by a defect in a turbocharger wastegate.

The terms of the original New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty and applicable emissions warranty still apply. BMW NA will not provide warranty coverage to any Settlement Class Memberís vehicle containing modifications or alterations to the turbocharger or its wastegates (software, hardware or otherwise), or evidencing other conditions not normally covered under the original New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty or applicable emissions warranty.

Modifications excluded from warranty coverage include any aftermarket parts that affect the turbocharger system, or if there are other conditions that would normally exclude it from warranty coverage.

So basically anything that alters the operation of the wastegates or turbos can get the extended coverage denied. And from what I know, this extended coverage only covers complete turbo replacement due to wastegate-related failure. If you just have a rattle (cosmetic) and no binding/reduced-power warnings, it might not be covered. I don't think the updated wastegate actuator repair (replacing just the wastegate actuators) applies to this coverage. This is an "emissions" warranty, afterall.