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Glad to see this thread made a comeback.

here's my latest aquisition...and no, it's not a Rolex.

The story behind this watch is the "electric blue" Seamaster was the first Seamaster I can remember seeing, trying on and liking. I've probobly owned a dozen Seamaster variants, but this one is the most attractive, IMHO.

I bought this one new 2 years ago, sold it to a buddy a year ago, and recently traded a couple of lower-end watches to him to get it back.

I also just got a 2nd Orbita watch winder. For those of you who don't know, mechanical watches with an automatic movement will stay wound as long you keep 'em moving (like when you wear them). A watch winder just simulates the motion a watch receives while its being worn...and serves as a dandy place to store and display your watches:

Here's my other Orbita - the Quatro Executive with built in digital clock which syncs to the atomic clock radio signal...perfect for setting your watches too. :rocks: I call it, "the Rolex Condo."