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Originally Posted by meyergru View Post
Today, there was an article in the german car mag "Autobild". Sorry, no link.

BMW has admitted that they changed v29.2 in order to reduce wastegate rattle. O.K., this was a know fact. They state that the induced delay (aka "Lag (tm)") is ~150ms, which "For sure, no customer will notice.". Boy, were they wrong.

Furthermore, they say that cars from MY08 (Build dates from 09/07 on) have different turbos and wastegates which will not develop have those problems.

MSD81 cars (from build dates 03/08 on) do have a different software than MDS80 ones which does not require those changes (because they always have new turbos) and thus have no delay. Autobild has measured and verified that for an MSD81 car, although (this is info from the reporter himself and not in the article) maximum torque came only from 1700 RPM and he said he had expected more initial thrust. Everything else (i.e. power, elasticity and acceleration figures) was just as it was with the car they measured back in 2006.

BMW plans to bring out a downgrade software for MSD80 cars which fixes the Lag but can cause wastegate rattling again for cars with old turbos (i.e. before 09/07). I don't know if these will be replaced if this happens - maybe they hope the problem develops after end of warranty.

I am lucky enough to have a MY08 09/07 build date and will downgrade as soon as possible after release of the software.

Wow, thank you meyerguru!
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