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Originally Posted by Glopez5 View Post
I'm sorry but in my opinion 30,900 for a modded car w/ no other options other than sport is not a good deal. That shiz won't hold it's value. You will be stuck w/ it until your car loan is close to bluebook value or take a hit if you want to sell it in 2 years. Even if he spent 10k for parts no way you get $10k back if you part out. unless someone pays retail but would you pay retail for used parts?

Plus, who knows how the previous owner treated the car. Unless it was a private party sale where i could meet the owner, see a history or service or at least see if the owner was a responsible person.

I would much rather buy a stock 09+ fully loaded w/ more options and idrive for 30k. just my opinion.
I thought the price was 28,900. Figured you could negotiate that down another 10%. Factor in JB4, charge pipe, down pipe (all of which are going in anyway), performance wheels. I would also be concerned about abuse but a PPI plus a "friendly service department" to help utilize the CPO through 2014 should alleviate some concern.

Still it's not a bad low mileage N54. Not a steal but fair. These cars hold no value, so I agree with you on that.