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Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
His are OEM Pre-LCI Xenons. If you have halogen headlights, your best option is to invest into LCI Xenons and upgrade the angel eye bulb in that using LUX H8 V3.

You could upgrade to Pre-LCI Xenons, but you will have the amber reflector in the headlight still, so for the same price you might as well get the LCI Xenons (Which have brighter AE's as well). If you go with the Pre-LCI Xenons, I reccomend the MTEC V3 just as Pete runs. If you go with an OEM Xenon route, coding and rewiring are required to make everything work properly. With the aftermarket options off Ebay/DEPO/etc, I would avoid those as you will end up with moisture problems/flickering/bad HID output.

Your last option would be to pick up a set of LCI Halogens. This will probably be cheapest as they go used on here quite often, it's a plug and play install, OEM quality, and you get angel eyes with no amber reflector (Get LUX LCI Halogen AE's if you go this route). Only con is you are still stuck with halogen headlights. As far as HID fog kits go, be sure to get a 35W kit as 55W kits melt the housings. I would reccomend a 5000k or 6000k color temp for the fogs. You could also go with 4300k to match OEM Xenons if you go that route. Hope this helps.
Yup. Pre LCI OEM Xenon's with aftermarket LED Angel eye bulbs. And if you are going to invest in a set of after market Xenon's, go LCI. I HATE my amber reflectors but am not willing to spend the money on new ones or tackle the project of clearing them. I also agree about the Halogen's. I hate the fact that BMW even offers them any more. Friggin civics and accords have Xenon's now!