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Hmmmmm. Long story short, my old dealer did an oil change then the next day when I went to start my car it wouldn't start, but an hour later it did. Then when I was driving, the car completely shut down, engine electronics, brakes, etc. When to restart it and turned right over. I took it to the dealer where the proceeded to replace my charge me for 3 hours of diagnoostic work, replaced my key reader, then finally told me that the problem was actually the result of a loose engine ground wire (the exact same ground wire in your pic). They claimed that they couldn't have possibly knocked it off during the oil change, but considering they were the last ones under the hood (only 24 hours before the problem occurred) I don't see how it was anybody other then their tech. Needless to say, it cost me about $600 to have the stealership figure out what THEY did. I find it interesting that your car ran fine with that ground wire off though.