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My car disgraced itself this morning. Went out on the nursery run no problem. Back onto our street, usual turn around just past my house so its facing the right way.

Turn into side turn OK, reverse back OK, and we're stuck, across the road at 90 degrees. Gentlest possible throttle just span the wheels very slowly. Shoved new snow under the wheels no good. Shoved spare floor mats under the wheels no good. Dug the snow ot from under the wheels best I could no good. Someone gave me a push no good. Mats back under the wheels, a lot more pushing and its away. Still need to reverse again to complete turn, and its stuck again. Mats back under the wheels and another push and I'm parked back outside the house.

That was 08:15. Another couple of inches has descended since then, I have to go out at 2pm locally then am supposed to pick the father in law up from Paul Gascoigne International airport in Newcastle at 23:15. Wish me luck!

BTW snow in my back garden now 18".......