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Throwing Code P1447, Do I need a new DMTL Pump?

I've got 30k on my 07 335i and its completely stock. I recently noticed the "service engine soon" light, and I checked it with my generic OBD scanner and its coming up with P1447:

Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage (DM-TL) Pump Too High During Switching

I've searched and searched, and basically I've read that this can happen due to little things like not a tight enough gas cap, or overfilling the gas tank, etc. but I have reset my light and it comes back within a couple hundred miles.

I am just out of warranty, so would you guys recommend I just go out an buy a new DMTL Pump? I generally do small maintenance myself (seems like an easy job). Is there any other things I can try? Is there any way to repair the pump without having to get a whole new one? Thanks for your time!