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Smile tier brigade

Hi irq5 and Revo

Jislaaik it is nice to be home! And of course welcome to Georgesmooth! Love the white colour.

I am still bubbling over of all the exciting machines i was able to see and touch. So where do i start.

First, Irq5. Thanks man for letting me in on the beetle and the RX8. So many memories. I can tell you those first cars will remain with us for a very long time. I am trying to get a picture from my brother in law on his super beetle. Will post it one day.

Revo, i will check for the stencil and let you know tomorrow.

Ok. the trip. It was a bit of a wirlwind journey. But i ended up in Austria, the land of the audi and merc. But i spend most of my time with the oldies. i am talking about the "tier brigade". this use to be an old detective TV series and they drove those old german cars!?I hope you can open the clips.

The new Audi R8 was a bit too much and too many. Found one that was hectically tuned - nice. Of all the cars that i got to see the one that got me bonkers was the new Seat 177kw version - in blue. The owner had it already for a year and tuned to the limit. Freeflow and catless exhaust system. He does not clean the rear pipes anymore. The rear diffuser is constantly black of the emissions. My picture for it does not work but all i can say the car is a screamer.

I saw a smashed up new Corsa OPC (blue). I was really sad for the car and of course for those that might have got hurt. Driver was probably too enthusiastic to take the car to the limit.

I was driven around in a 1996 BMW seven series - Old but the genetics was obvious and a cabrolet audi - see pics. What is interesting is that most cars do not have drivetrain insignia like 120d or 230CSL on the boot. None. I had to guess or asked the owners. The best car i encountered was the new (still to come to S.A.) C65 AMG. About 375 kw - something like that. Yo, this thing could motor. I don't know, but it did not feel so quick off the mark as the 335i from say 0 - 80, but it certainly drag hard and fast. I hope it comes to our shores.

Back to the tier brigade. The machines were in perfect condition. The owners and young kids that accompanied them were so proud in parading the vehicles. It was clear that their was a long history between them.

Ok, i will catch up with you guys tomorrow.