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Originally Posted by 335dFan View Post
I agree with the cause for concern. I wonder if we could gather enough D owners to send a group correspondence to BMWNA so that they would not be just dealing with single owners, with the idea of putting some pressure on them to resolve the issue or at least find some palliative remedies. They might be worried if BMW CCA members or at least an organized group of owners was complaining right when they are just preparing to announce their next round of USA bound diesels.
If you want to apply pressure the letter should also go to BMW Group - they have a facebook page where I left a not so glowing comment concerning this issue to include attaching links to several posts from here and on Fest. I also sent them an e-mail,,, both resulted in a very prompt response and two phone calls from BMWNA.

In other words a letter should go out to both BMW Group's chairman and BMWNA citing specific examples/owners and our cause for concern as it relates to the short and longterm reliability of our diesels. Furthermore, let me suggest thaat the same letter should clearly acknowledge the fact that neither BMW Group, BMWNA or its servicing dealers have responded as to the cause or the remedy and to the contrary, dealers appear completely incapable of fielding the questions.