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DIY: Restoring Chome/Aluminium Window Trim

Hey Guys

This is my first thread on this forum, and I'm still pretty new to the world of BMWs. So I thought I'd try to help others with this as I've just come across a really good product.

When I bought my second-hand E92, one of the most annoying issues I had with the car, was the chrome/aluminium trim around the windows. The trim was faded and dull with blotchy cloudy white marks all over it. I tried to clean, polish, and wax it to return it back to its original condition, but nothing would work.

I finally had a chat with my panel beater/auto body mech who suggested I use some Autosol Aluminium polish. Needless to say, I'm so happy with the result that I'm posting about it for the benefit of others who have the same irritation with the chrome/aluminium trim.

So the product is Autosol Aluminium Polish (silver and black packaging). Make sure you DON'T get the Metal Polish (gold and black packaging) as that's for other applications. To save from any confusion, this is what I used:
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Step 1
Make sure the surface is clean and dry.
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Step 2
Apply small amounts of the product and work in circular motions. This is a fine 'cutting' polish, so instead of going crazy by cutting into the surface too much, I stopped and wiped the product off to check the results. In the end, I did 3 applications over the surface to achieve these results.
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Step 3
Clean the surface again, before applying sealant polish/wax (I used carnuba wax). This final step gives the trim some sparkle and luster.
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The images above have been taken with the same settings, camera position and framing, with no digital alteration to illustrate the raw results so that you guys can judge for yourself. Obviously I had to choose a camera position before I started, so I really didn't know what the best angle was to capture a good "after" shot. But the trim is nice and shiny now and practically as-new condition.

This is a super easy restoration of the chrome/aluminium trim.
Cost: $10
Time: 1 hour total
Skill level needed: 1 out of 10
Result: 9 out of 10

I hope you guys find this useful!