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Hi Guys, this thread doesn't work for me... the bit you all struggle with is somewhat different if you have split folding seats option. I just release a lever either side in the boot and it folds down.

Trouble is its the side bolsters I want to move and I can't see how they are fitted and I can't find any bolts at the bottom of the back rest.... the whole middle section of the three seats are not secured at the bottom like the non folding seat.

so its all stems on how the side bolsters are fitted any ideas? oh... looks like I found it

As per the picture, one clip at the top, bottom is located on lugs. So you just grab the top of the bolster and rip it away from the rear of the car and it comes off. Not even sure you need to remove the seat squab / bench part, but I'd already taken it out. Refit of the side bolster is to line them up and give them a good smack into place..

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