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I have been doing reading, and most people favor Helix heavily. Shiv also recommends Helix, apparently. I have searched and searched, but it is hard to compare two FMIC when they are not under the same stress conditions. While I am not on a budget, I still don't want to waste money. If something gives me the same whp, and one is ~2-300 cheaper, I would go with that one.

The reason I narrowed down to two is because they both seemed to be reputable and do not require trimming. While I am not opposed to trimming, I just worry about the huge gap that is left behind when I part out and install the OEM FMIC back in.

I am not going to track the car at all. I guess I am just upgrading to feel the pull!
I may go for a pro tune though. That is probably the extent of my modding. FBO (no meth), normal everyday driving with an occasional "pull" when I feel like it