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I have followed your thread, read from beginning to end and didn't feel the need to reply....... But now I did reading your comments....

You asked for help and advice..... Which you got, alright you didn't agree with it all (fair enough) but you also didn't take the advice on board which would have cost you nothing.. i.e. taking new pictures or rewording the advert, which would not have taken you long, plenty of time to get on the threads but not enough to polish the ad. (the thread went on for months- lol)

Don't get me wrong it may sound like it but I am not having a go, glad you sold your car, its a pain sometimes been there myself many times but cant help but think you could have sold it sooner if you would have taken some of the simple and subtle tips offered rather than take none at all.

As far as the forum goes, I have had nothing but good experiences from advice given by the fellow forum members

P.S.- I am not an M3 or 335 driver- lol