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Originally Posted by qa15ar View Post
I have followed your thread, read from beginning to end and didn't feel the need to reply....... But now I did reading your comments....

You asked for help and advice..... Which you got, alright you didn't agree with it all (fair enough) but you also didn't take the advice on board which would have cost you nothing.. i.e. taking new pictures or rewording the advert, which would not have taken you long, plenty of time to get on the threads but not enough to polish the ad. (the thread went on for months- lol)

Don't get me wrong it may sound like it but I am not having a go, glad you sold your car, its a pain sometimes been there myself many times but cant help but think you could have sold it sooner if you would have taken some of the simple and subtle tips offered rather than take none at all.

As far as the forum goes, I have had nothing but good experiences from advice given by the fellow forum members

P.S.- I am not an M3 or 335 driver- lol
I did take some of the advice I did change the description but finding time and good weather to take new pictures was an issue ,but stopping my ebay ad when it had 38 watchers and a few intrested parties would have been a mistake for the sake of a few days ,I asked plenty of people weither my ad was a good one and they all thought it was and they wern't just being polite they know me too well ,the fact is the market is very tough and the cars have lost alot more value than people realise ,Ive never lost that much on a car without it having some major mechanical or other disaster ,there have been cars up for sale like mine for 12 months or so and people wont budge on the price ,I budged ,but in doing so the car begin to appeal to a whole different market lol attracting car traders who wanted to take advantage of the current circumstances for instance

I had nearly 4 years of ownership in my 330ci e46 and bought for 13700 sold for 8700

I had 2 years ownership in my 325i coupe and bought for 13000 and sold (eventually) for 7450

I rated the 325i as a much better car than the e46 ,with none of the tramlining steering that the e46 had ,but ! I didnt wanna have huge alloys as in the e46 the ride was awfull and also the leather in the e46 was poor quality where as my mates cloth interior in his 330ci e46 looked like new after the same length ownership and he had 2 kids ,the e92 I bought was from the experience of my e46 ownership

but one of my friends had an e46 m3 for 3 years and lost over 25k because of high mileage and accidents