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A few years ago we purchased a used Corolla we thought would be a trusty car to drive into the ground over the next 10 years. Good plan on paper, but we quickly learned that not all Toyota's are created equally.

Having had enough, we decided to look into purchasing a certified pre-owned 328xi offered for sale at a number of dealerships. After a brief (but good) experience in Naperville with Bill Jacobs, we called up IA Milwaukee and spoke to their sales manager Dan Jansen about a car they had in inventory.

We were impressed and intrigued enough to drive all the way up there to look at the vehicle and meet with Dan and his team. When we arrived, Dan was a bit busy but a very competent CA, Jerome, helped us out, showed us the vehicle and took us out on a quick drive. After some discussion with Jerome, Dan came back and we told him what we wanted for a trade-in value, and for a purchase price. After about 5 minutes of what I wouldn't even call haggling (more of a back-and-forth Q&A session) we hit a number that made us all happy. No sneaky, underhanded tactics, no treat-you-like-a-child down-talking, just a fair and honest deal the entire way through.

We were then handed off to the finance / business people, and were out the door in another hour. On the way out Jerome offered to show my wife how to pair her cell phone up with the car, and gave us a few pointers, and we were on our way.

I've purchased 5 cars before this, and I can easily say working with IA Milwaukee was an enjoyable experience. It's refreshing to be treated with honesty and respect, and I would certainly make the 70 mile trek back up there for the next vehicle (though hopefully not any time soon!)