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Originally Posted by research View Post
Great review. But you got fooled im afraid.... these are some m3 coupe sideskirts mended for e90! E90 m3 sideskirts look nothing like this. Google it! Why would any e90 owner pay money for them.... no offence. Just like e92 m3 rear bumper for e90 that vendors promote here, this is a decidddly half effort product (if replica was the goal of course!).

Great rear bumper, but sideskirts ruin it for me- they just dont flow well, look too busy and the crease ends like 3/4 through. On m3 or msport or stock, the crease goes preety much all the way along the car.
no offense taken. i had them laying around & instead of taking a lost, had them put on, whats done is done & at the end of the day i'm still happy with how my car looks. i'm not doing things to please others.