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Originally Posted by omaragha View Post
Ah ok - noticed this straight from their website:

Sprint Booster does not increase Horsepower.

Sprint Booster does not reduce your 0-60mph times.

Sprint Booster DOES make your car 'FEEL' faster.

Sprint Booster is not for everyone.

I think its all in your head mate (re point 2 & 3) - but if you happy then thats all that matters !! All it does is reduce pedal travel for max power right ? How much did you pay if dont mind me asking buddy ?

I agree that there is no horsepower increase, it affects the power "delivery" and the feel of it is much improved. I have used these twice on automatics and from my experience would recommend them to anyone wanting a more exciting feel to their driving experience. With regard to 0-60 times, there may be a very tiny improvement purely on the fact that the power hits the wheels quicker when you launch it in 1st but on the basis of power to weight ratios, scientifically it would be impossible to be quicker. All I can say is try it and then make your mind up. I always thought these sounded like "snake oil" but if that were the case why would I buy one twice . Maybe you can get someone to fit one on a "try before you buy" basis and take it for a spin
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