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[quote=insanecoder;20730621]Of course they would say that..
there is no real way to replay history.
However the Luftwaffe was split .. the large majority of its force was in the Eastern Front tasked with establishing air superiority and ground support.
The wings on the Western Front were tasked with Defense of the Reich campaign ie.. air defense against bombers.
The US/UK faced the smaller forces mustered by the Luftwaffe.. it never faced its best units nor its full brunt.
The Nazis had their hands full in the Eastern Front.. prior to the war many German pilots were training with Russians in the schools in Lipetsk. The Russians were by no means bad airmen.. no not much is ever touted of the Russian role in WW2.. propaganda.

Sources, please. I don't want a flame war here, but I would like to research your source material.