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Originally Posted by jgoens View Post
I have always had a fascination with WWII. There are two mistakes Hitler made leading to the Nazi downfall: Hitler was prescribed amphetamines to keep him awake at all times which caused bad judgment. Sending large portions of the Nazi army into Russia during the worst winter of the century led to the demise of these forces. England was on the ropes and had he not went after Russia then and finished England and waited for a better time he could have taken Russia leaving the US as the last to conquer.
While Japan at this time was losing the Pacific, Hitler could have concentrated his resources on that and development of the Atomic bomb.
So, while no one knows how we would have fared solely against a non-depleted Nazi force, I think they would have prevailed had it not been for the Russians.
Hitler wasn't as bad a strategist as portrayed. His orders after the onset of the early Russian winter pretty much saved the Germans from an immediate fate similar to Napoleon's continental Grand Armee.
Hitler's biggest mistake was to take on the Russians w/o winning over its people.. it was just a matter of time after he repeated the mistake of Napoleon.