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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
I can look at it from a Chinese point of view. My cultural background is Chinese but I'm a US born citizen. My parents immigrated from China and have plenty of stories to share with me about the "Great Cultural Revolution". From history and first hand account told to me by my parents, the Chinese have been doing it to themselves for a long time without even factoring in foreign oppression.

The showing whose boss is inherent in the culture as there's a lot of nationalism and feeling the Chinese people as a whole are better than everyone else.
Yeah, the Chinese pride was hurt a lot... Prior to the Westerners showing up, they were the center of the world and prospering. The barbarian Europeans and Americans came in with superior military power and humiliated them. Given a nationalistic ideal and a culture that values pride and "face" at all costs, they aren't happy.

Interestingly, the same thing happened to the Japanese. But instead of becoming hermits like the Chinese, the Japanese embraced Western technology and built a huge military power.
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