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Originally Posted by mxa121 View Post
Well sorry i opened this can of worms!

For the record, i have a fixed income. Was just looking for a few opinions and boy did i get them! As i previously stated i am going to buy used, just maybe not a pos used honda for 5000.
I am in position where i will have to attain some debt in order to get a vehicle. I have no equity in the one i have and need to sell it to get a more fuel efficient and less used vehicle so that it will last me a long time. Current vehicle has over 190k. I know debt is the devil, but when you need a ride you need a ride, and as stated sometimes luxuries are worth a cost, which is why i am willing to finance a nicer car. NOT a 50k car at this point, maybe one day.

E46 m3 is a sweet car, just has a pretty hefty maintenance and repair cost.
Ill post up when my poor decision is made.
You have a great attitude and seem to know what makes sense.. You have opinions from the people here but unfortunately they're only opinions! You alone know what's the right thing for you, so take a break from this thread and do whatever's the best for you. Good luck, and be sure to post pics later..!