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Originally Posted by rorkor View Post
Ok, wheels are different widths, so the tires will be too, that means they are staggered. Staggered sets wear quicker in the rear, by about 40% over the fronts. The manufacturers warranties on staggered setups is usually cut by 50% of the advertised warranty as a result of the wear.

Tires have a set of numbers on the side, along with their name. Just look at them, should be 2xx/xx/r19, fill in the x's and give us the brand and model.

RFT stands for run flat tire, if you don't know, look for a circle that says RFT on the side wall of the tire, if it isn't there, they are not.

UTQG is the wear grade of a tire, range is about 90 to 600 and varies between manufacturers. The lower the rating, the quicker the wear but greater dry grip as well.

Tailing out a bit on corners will cause feathering of the edges on tires but usually does not cause extreme wear over the life of the tire unless it is regular and you really let it slip.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Thank you!

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