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Originally Posted by joec500
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1. Boot up time with my second gen AE is approx 1 minute. The third gen. boots even faster. This is not an issue at all

2. You must have read right over the part where I said I am connected to both 4g and wifi. Otherwise, how could I stream live music from the spotify server?
3. Zero noise, zero.

Here in San Francisco data is super spotty and can get expensive if you go over the data plan. In my car, I would only stream "offline" content or high quality encoded songs. Also with Spotify, I believe you're limited to bit rate of streaming if you're not on wifi, I am not sure what that rate would be, if it's limited to 128kbs, I am not too interested in this content. At home this is obviously not an issue as it streams at 320kbs in extreme mode.
The subscription service allows up to 320kbps same as on desktop or roku versions. You're right though the data usage is quite high, and I would not recommend it if you don't have an unlimited data plan. Not sure how the Kivic could beat the AE plus external DAC, unless you are not comfortable with the DIY aspect of my method.
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