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Originally Posted by sexye92 View Post

the silver adjuster piece has a nipple that sticks into the upper frame of the car, it replaces that black cup in the pic, the bottom (control arm) has an actual spring set meant to seat a spring, so you cant put them either way no matter if the springs are progresive or not, not to mention the adjuster side of the spring itself is perfectly flat, and the bottom is rounded and has the coil (leg) protruding, to lock it into the spring seat.
What I am telling you is, there's no functional difference when installed either way. It doesn't matter if the spring height adjuster is installed on the top or the bottom. If that rubber pad with the nipple for the height adjuster to sit in can be removed and installed on the control arm there's no problem installing the height adjuster on the bottom. THERE IS NO WRONG WAY to put in the assembly. I've seen it installed on the top position or the bottom position, depending on how you'd like to be able to make the height adjustment. It makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE on how the spring system works.

Looks to me like if that cup up top is there to prevent the springs from moving around, and the right face of the adjuster is facing the spring, then it's installed and functioning properly. I've seen hundreds of coil-over set-up and where you install the height adjuster is a personal preference, unless the height adjuster is bolted to the bottom of the control arm like the PSS9 system for the E46 (and even then it was a problem for Bilstein because the bolt protruded and rubbed against the half shaft). Once the car is on the ground, the force and spring tension is all that is needed to keep the springs from moving around on the top and bottom. Unless the height adjuster is put in backwards (which from the picture, it does not appear to be) there's absolutely no harm to have the adjuster in the lower control arm instead of the top.