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Originally Posted by 1clean335i View Post
If the adjustment perch with the nipple is pointing downward on the control arm, it sits right over the hole in the middle of the spring seat on the control arm. Im sure eventually, that perch will push through the hole and cause another world of problems. But what do I know....

Maybe it can work with other coilover's, but def. not the FK set-up pictured.

The spring also only goes one way. One end is flat which goes with the adjustment side, the other one is angled to go with the oem spring mount.
If you look at BMW's own diagram:

As you can see, the spring itself can sit either way. So the so-called "angled" portion of the spring that's suppose to mate to the lower spring pad? Also works with the upper spring pad. And if you look at the OP's first picture? The perch is sitting up-right with the flat part of the spring sitting on the flat part of the adjuster.

Now, if you take a look at BMW's lower control arm:

If the lower spring perch is present, the height adjuster will sit inside the hole from the lower spring pad, with the lips of the adjuster catching the spring pad which catches the lower control arm. Looking at this picture:

It is clear that if the spring perch is installed on the lower control arm with the lower spring pad present it presents absolutely no danger. Now, if we want to talk about the merit/issues with installing the perch on the top vs. bottom, I'm 10X more comfortable with the perch on the control arm than I am with the perch on the top, since it's 10X cheaper to replace a control arm than to repair a cracked chassis if the suspension were to bottom out on a big pothole...Then again the perch on top would make it 10X easier to adjust the ride height since it's more accessible.

There's still no convincing argument as to why this can't be installed on the lower control arm besides it's the manufacturer's recommendation.