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Originally Posted by martinm0 View Post
I was just talking to my dad about "overpaying". He was freaking out as they bought a new house sight unseen at asking value (cash offer). Having just bought a 2011 335i with 38k miles on it, I feel I overpaid and also was freaking out about it until I realized it's only an overpayment if I have to sell it in the near future. I talked my dad off the ledge with this logic as the house is perfect for their needs, he has the money, and I don't think they'll be moving ever again. So in that sense, he paid more than he should have, but it was "worth" it to them in the moment (and again, he doesn't plan to move again before he dies).

Congrats on the car. Unless it doesn't meet your needs long term and you have to get rid of it, there is really no overpaying. Just paying a premium for what you want.
Thanks man, well said! Thats exactly how I feel about.