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Vargas Turbo making upgraded turbos

Saw this on the "other forum"......

" I am a new supporting vendor and will be announced on the site soon. A little background until then, my company has been in the turbocharger business for 35+ years starting with High Performance custom applications in the 70's, and transitioning into FAA, Diesel, and Industrial turbochargers because frankly thats where the money is. But I have been following the N54 platform for a while and have seen the need for a good solution to the turbo problems you guys face. So I decided to come back to our high performance roots more for fun than anything else and try to bring you guys something you need. You can see our industrial and diesel site at the dedicated N54 portion of the site is under construction and should be live soon. First off I am here to learn as much as I can from this community as we bring these products to the market because as I said we have a LOT of turbocharger experience but am relatively new to the N54 platform. We look forward to talking to and hopefully working with more of you guys. There will be more info to come soon. But I like to get my ducks in a row before I say too much. Just wanted to let some people know that the problem is being addressed and will be addressed properly. As for a timeline I am well into R&D and looking to drop the BB twins around christmas time so 2-3 months. But the direct replacement hybrids are already testing, should be ready to ship in 2 weeks or and will come in at a much lower price point than what is on the market currently."

" Hybrids units are TD03 / TD04 hybrids and come in 2 stages.

Stage 1: Is a TD03 / TD04 Hybrid with an upgraded TD04 compressor wheel, machined compressor housing and bearing housing, new updated actuator, and 7 degree clipped stock turbine wheel. These will max out at around 475-500 BHP range. Intro price on these is $1499

Stage 2: Is the same as stage 1 but also upgrades to a TD04 turbine wheel on the exhaust side. These should max out around 550-575 BHP depending on tuning, fuel, meth, etc. We are testing them now. This is about where you are reaching the limits of the stock turbine housing and you might be able to push these to 600 but its working them overtime. Intro price on these is will be $1999

Stage 1 just about ready to ship and stage 2 should be ready to ship in about 2 weeks or so. I will keep you guys posted on the N54 section of our website going live for ordering.

Worth noting with all upgrades there is a core charge and once provided with rebuildable cores the charge is completely refunded. We can rebuild your stock units to like new condition for $799, core charge does also apply if your stock turbos are not rebuildable or you do not provide cores.

As always these are just turbochargers and gains are always dependent on proper tuning, complimenting upgrades, and proper fueling.

To answer your question DCAFS: This brings us to our Stage 3 which will be our Ball Bearing twin upgrades, they will include manifolds, turbos, downpipes, oil and water lines, and possibly charge pipes. These are in the R&D stage and unfortunately thats all I can say about them right now. But I will have pictures and a lot more info on them soon. Thanks for the inquiries and feel free to PM me questions and I'll do my best to answer them." for those interested.