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Originally Posted by Bossimo View Post
Thanks guys for the input. I just pulled the codes. They are:

2A17 - DMTL tank leakage (what's DMTL tank?)
2E82 - electric coolant pump cut-off, over-current
2E81 - electric coolant pump speed deviation
H2AAF, H2FCA, H2FDA, H2FDB - wonder what these codes mean?

They point to possible water pump failure. Anyone can tell me what's the cost of replacement (water pump, thermostat) at dealer vs. independent? Also why does coolant leak out of the reservoir when water pump fails (related to code 2A17)? Thanks.
yup water pump it is. as far as dmtl it is diagnostic module for tank leaks. can either be a loose gas cap or a dmtl pump that is bad. not related at all to water pump faults