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Originally Posted by ndog14 View Post
Ok. That is something for the 420hp S6 to beat the 550ish hp M5. But the S6 is sick. Interior, ride, and toys must have won it. What was the order? E63, S6, M5?
S6: 213 points
E63: 210 points
M5: 193 points

S6 destroyed in the vehicle category. (Ergonomics, features, fit & finish, etc.) 93 points to E63's 79 & M5's 77.

M5 would have won powertrain but lost points for the tranny and fuel economy.

E63 won chassis category. 57 to S6's 51 & M5's 50. M5 lost points for steering feel and brake feel.

Fun to drive factor: S6, 20; E63, 23; M5, 18.

"It isn't about what BMW got wrong, the M5 is a dazzling and beautiful vehicle. It's about what the others are getting so right."
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