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The arguments for and against the behavior of both the copper and the driver are making my piss boil. How can any one of you think this is anything other than childish behavior on behalf of both?

Drive over a coppers foot or not, you cannot ignore one giving you a ticket who is clearly positioned to prevent you moving away. On the other hand, dragging the kid out of the car and punching the window etc all looked a bit like uncontrolled rage to me and could easily smack of jealousy.

Imagine if a bloke parked across your drive. You go stand by his car and when he comes to move it, he just ignores you - straight blanks you and gets in. That would piss most people off. Amplify that by ten in this situation, because of the copper lets him drive away without a ticket, he has fundamentally failed in his duty.

Let's discuss the nature of the crime. If the bay did 'belong' to the hotel, the police would have no grounds (or interest) to ticket anyone in it, at any time, for any reason unless the hotel reported an obstruction.

The bulk of this post might suggest I favour the copper. Not so. I think he acted with a distinct lack of class and decorum. He allowed himself to be drawn to a level of pettiness which he could have easily avoided. After that, he compounded the issue by being overly aggressive and putting himself in a position from which it was impossible to retreat. To top it all, I think he faked the foot injury (although I do think the driver used his vehicle in a mildly aggressive and inappropriate way.)

In short, refer to my previous post - a pair of cunts behaving like cunts.