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Prospective noob buyer E92 335i coupe

Well I have been looking for quite a while now for a neat E60 550i with no luck, and in the interim period looked at quite a few 545i's and they were all quite rough around the edges (I'm a bit particular with my cars)

Out of curiosity I had a look at a local 2007 E92 coupe in my area, it was a manual, with quite a few options (stereo, heated seats, 19" rims etc)

Upon initial inspection it was quite rough once again with the chrome worn off the gear knob, and window surrounds, faded bmw wheel and bonnet badges, scuffed rims, lifted the oil filler cap and signs of varnished oil was visible (log books indicated that between 40k odd kays and 70k odd kays that it hadn't been serviced) it was obvious it wasn't the car for me. The owner offered me to take it for a solo drive, so I jumped in and was extremely impressed as soon as I turned the key it had a nice meaty exhaust note (louder then my TRD exhaust on my lexus) and of course as you guys are well aware it had lots of torque, an excellent gear shift and steering response was great at higher speeds (it initially felt heavy at slow speeds)

So whilst this particular example wasn't the car for me it has planted the seed to acquire a 335i coupe! I don't require a sedan, as im a single bloke with no kids and I guess its the type of car that in 20 years time you can say I once owned a bmw 335i..... I would guess that the 335i has done most of its depreciation now, and wouldn't go <$40k much like the R34 GTR VS1 hasn't dropped below $45-50k in the past 4 years?

There appears to be an exact spec car in melb for sale for $46.5k does anyone know of this car and its owner?

It appears to be exactly what I'm after, the only thing I don't like is the timber trim (I guess this could be easily swapped for an Al snakeskin type trim)

There is another example that is much closer to me with the red leather which I think contrasts well with the silver exterior:

Are the prices for these two cars about right?

So in preference is the manual generally a better option then the AT? I imagine the AT in these things are just as good as a manual. To be honest either way doesnt worry me as I love the sound of the engine note that a manual provides and the raw communication between the pilot and the driveline and fortunately I don't do a great deal of congested stop start driving.

I noticed the 335i doesnt even come with a space saver spare?!? I have only ever had 2 flat tyres, and am not keen on running runflats do you guys just normally use that tyre goo in a can?

Finally do bmw offer any sort of exhaust option? I noticed that the exhaust tip size appears different on each car for sale: