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Originally Posted by jzepeda View Post
That was me. Dinan is a very conservative tune. If I get a chance tonight I will start my thread I just don't have time at the moment to put it all together. Dinan will back off the boost really quickly it also builds up slower than the Cobb. I happen to like the Dinan tune more for that reason but as people on this forum have stated the cobb can be tuned to your liking for throttle response. I ran the car back to back. Dinan tune first than Cobb. same conditions same dyno. on thing I will say is the Cobb was still adjusting when I ran it. I will go more into detail later on in my post.
I can't wait to see the difference between the 2 dyno's.

I just ordered a Cobb AP for my 2008 535i. I'm taking it in on this Wed. to get the fuel pump replaced and the injectors checked but the SA said they will be reflashing the ecu after all this work is done. I've heard from BMW owners that have had the reflash done, that the car's feel slower than before. I'm still not sure if I want to have this done. The fuel pump was just replaced in January but I don't think they reflashed the computer.

I thought about the Dinan but it's a total pain to have it reflashed every time it needs service ot warranty. That's what made me decide on the Cobb.