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thank you for your replies

As per recommendations here at bimmerpost, bimmerforums, etc., I went to Walmart and Costo, but in this neck of the woods they stock only more common group sizes like 34 and 65. Pep Boys has a 94R Platinum with the same as the OEM (Exide, as per RealOEM) battery in the car, two inches shorter, more or less like specifications, $150, less $30 discount, $120. Also as per recommendations in posts and DIY, today I checked Autozone and found the Duralast Platinum 8H (49 group size) AGM for $164 and the 49 Duralast for $104. Both have better specifications than the OEM battery in the car. As per posts, the Duralast Platinum 8H AGM should last longer than conventional batteries and be cleaner (no venting needed), with registration and programming. As I will have a Bavarian Technic tool here soon, I will check its registration and programing capabilities. If these can be done, I think I will go for the Duralast Platinum 8H AGM. Otherwise, the 49 Duralast. BTW, the Pep Boys battery was manufactured back in January, so it has been sitting about 6 months. Again, thank you for your replies and I would like to hear your comments.