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Originally Posted by rockne View Post
I've debated this issue myself. The last thing I want to do is "downgrade" while spending more money.

However after test driving a 335 I was very pleased. The power felt almost the same, and the ride was much more comfortable. Not to mention the maintenance costs involved with owning a 2003 M3. The interior of the 335 I'm interested in felt and looked great, the seats are much more comfortable, yet still feel sporty. The coral interior made it feel like I was in a M3.

My M3 also looks old, the new 3 series have been out for a while now. I think the E92 is a great looking coupe. Not the mention the values of E46 M3 are falling fast... really fast!

Let me know if anyone thinks I'm crazy.
I think you got the "bug" and it can be a kind of "willful self-delusion." The only reason I have an E93 is because it is a topless toy. My real car is an S4. Now that's an upgrade on every conceiveable scale. And when the topless S5 comes out in a year or so I am trading in a flash.