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I know I'm dragging up an old thread here, but I have two questions - I'm trying to retrofit a Sirius module to my '09 335i E92 that does have the sat prep option. I don't actually *have* the module yet (it's on a truck on its way to me now as I type this) but I do have the install kit which I bought from Tischer and I'm trying to get everything prepped today as I have time to actually work on the car (and so far I've got the alarm installed and my fire extinguisher mounted, this is the last thing remaining.) My real goal would be to get the module installed after work Monday when it's supposed to be here, swap the MOST connections quickly, then hopefully get the car coded before Wednesday when I'm hoping to drive up to visit some family for Thanksgiving.

Question 1: How do I remove the rear seat side bolster? The instructions just say to remove it; I do have fold down seats, but there aren't any obvious fasteners. Does it just have push type clips? Which way do I pull, toward the center of the car, or toward the front? I don't want to just start yanking on it and gentle pulling prying isn't doing anything.

Edit: found this

which addresses that issue. Once I read "push up" (I'd already removed the bottom seat cushion) my life became much better. Now I can see the MOST connector so hopefully it is all a matter of following the directions from here. I'm going to dry run this so I'm not fumbling around in the dark Monday night.

Question 2: Which way should the fan be installed? It appears that it can be installed into the bracket in two ways and again the instructions aren't clear. Does the fan blow up or down?

I'm using kit 65 11 0 432 318 which is the one for under the trunk floor panel.


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