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Originally Posted by tomsherco6n2 View Post
Hi all ive bought some BMW style 107's off a Z4 with front being 8j ET47 and rear 8.5j ET50. Am i gona be able to run these for a month or so till i get spacers without it catching and scrubbing as i need to order tyres for them

Much help needed

Tough question to answer with any certainty.

I assume the wheels you've just bought have tyres on them,but need replacing?
If that's the case,what size tyre are currently on the wheels?

In any event,the wheels will sit a long way back in the arch,and there's a risk that the tyres will rub on the springs/suspension.

In honesty you'd be better off ordering some spacers,you will need them eventually,and it will be wiser in the long run.

I'd go with 15mm all round (you could go 20mm,as there 8" & 8.5 wheels),it will give you:

ET32 front
ET35 rear

You'll need longer bolts to go with the spacers - 40mm on a 15mm spacer.

Teddy @SSDD will get you some at a good price.

Give him a call 07920 575052

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