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Originally Posted by TomD335xicoupe View Post
Sorry for the old thread wake up but after searching , this is the one with the most knowledgeable people on this topic.

08 E92 i have satellite radio by sirius. Been working for two years no issue. Stopped working correctly a few weeks ago. Been back and forth with customer service, they say they have tried everything and it must be a hardware issue on in my car, lets see if anyone else experienced this or knows what to fix / replace if anything.

Radio/ CD /nav all buttons on steering wheel, radio and I Drive center console work as designed except when using on satellite radio. SR stuck on channel 6, I can dial using I drive to another station but doesn't load it just reverts back to C6. Can not refresh as I can not get it to stay on C184. They say they have reset radio and run all test and their systems are functional but it seems like my unit is not connecting.
All connections on my end seem to be as they were . Any ideas welcome, again sorry for the old re-post but seems the closest to my problem.
Yes I Know C6, my wife told me I should stop listening to sixties music but I am creature of habit.
If it is a hardware issue, I retrofitted NBT into my car a couple years ago, and planned on offsetting the cost a bit by selling my original components. I never got around to it, and they have been sitting in my garage since the retrofit.

If you want it, I will sell you mine for $50 + actual shipping.