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Originally Posted by krhodes1 View Post
Getting back to my half-finished BT retrofit (on my 128i, but that forum gets very little traffic comparatively). The issue I have run into is that Bluetooth is disabled on my MULF2. I can see that, but I can't change it with just a regular cable. Research is telling me that I need to use an ICOM and change that via the MOST bus. Can anyone confirm this is correct? Then the issue is getting that done. I found a shop 2hrs from me that will attempt it for $200. But at that price and killing most of a day, I figure I might as well just buy one from eBay for $279 and have it going forward. Or I could sell it on.

Thoughts? Anyone in the Sarasota/Ft Myers FL area with one who would help a brother out?

How do you know it's disabled? Are you using NCS expert? I have done a mulf2 retrofit on my e90 and can confirm you do not need an icom if you are simply coding it.
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