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Originally Posted by vreihen16 View Post
Can I ask a dumb question? In the 21st century, is it common for people to carry just their wheels into a local bike shop for new tubes, tires, and maybe a spoke tensioning or wheel truing?

I have a Trek bike that someone gifted me as a motorsports paddock ride about 10 years ago sitting in my race car hauler thanks to my forced medical retirement from competition, and the tires are now dry-rotted and won't hold air. There's no Trek dealers nearby, and I feel strange carrying the whole bike into a LBS that sells other brands. I'd like to try and ride it around our neighborhood, if for no other reason than to see if my internal gyroscope isn't so far gone from my ticker being hotwired that I'd face-plant before getting it out of first gear.

I'm not a stranger to changing motorcycle/bicycle tires and tubes or even truing wheels, but K-Mart is long out of business in our region for bicycle parts and I don't know if I can pry a tire off of a rim any more with two screwdrivers to do it myself.....
vreihen16 Order the parts and tools online. It's a 10 minute job per tire, if you are moving slolwy, to remove the tire and tube, and put a new one one.

- tube
- tire
- tire lever (plastic tool to remove tire)
- air pump (assume you already have one of these)
Appreciate 1