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Thanks for the update!
I know Turugara, we've both been following this thread since you've started posting.

I would definitely suggest making anything that has the chance of bending easy to remove for non-track use. I would have no problem at all spending 15 or 20 minutes adding my aero parts for the track.
Like you said, pieces that look cheap can actually work better. I used to have C5 and C6 Corvettes and the front air deflecter for the radiator was made of cheap plastic that bent when hit by speed bumps/driveways, but would bounce back. Once it got too bad, you just replaced it. It cost only $65 and would last several years!
I'd probably remove the rear diffuser as well for street driving. No sense in keep it on and taking the chance of it getting banged up for no good reason.
Yeah for sure! One of the coolest things about the diffuser and splitter is that I've made it as easy as pie to install and remove (after the inital setup, of course). It's all bolted together using welded nuts or speed nuts, so you never have to snake your arm above the diffuser to thread a nut onto a bolt or anything. You can actually remove the entire diffuser with just a 8 and 10mm socket and a 4mm allen, and when you use an electric impact it couldn't be faster. The only visible item left would be the rear cross brace which will require a 11mm wrench, but otherwise it'd all be done with one hand. The splitter is the same way with the exception of the 4 cables. Side skirts are not so easy- they actually require removing the side skirts, which isn't all that hard but just not as *easy*

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On another note: Do you have front brake cooling ducts?
I noticed you don't have any fog lights in your front bumper. I'm most probably going to be doing that very soon.
I used to have 2.5" aeroduct hosing from the lower grills to the dust shield of the rotors, but those were another track-only system, as turning the wheels more than half way would crush the hoses. Now that I have two massive setrab oil coolers that take up the entire area in front of the wheels, I need to pull air from underneath, which is one of my recent mods this summer. I've made a set of GT2 style brake ducts which swoop air from under the splitter and direct it to the rotor. It won't be nearly as effective as a direct ram-air hose leading to the center of the rotor, but it's better than nothing. Even with the cooling, I think I'm overworking the brakes. (one piece steel rotors with vertical vanes, stock calipers with DTC-70s). Rotor temps after 25-30 minute sessions are 650* at BIR, which is a high speed track but not horrible for brakes, and 750*+ at Road America, which is hard on engines and brakes.

Here's what the ducts look like: