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Removing Stone Chips Yourself

Have been looking at ways of removing stone chips and finally found a way of doing it myself.

Contacted a company called Sylmasta (reccomended by a forum member) who sell sanding pads that range all the way up to 12000 grit. They are called Micro-Mesh pads. (01444-831459)

I bought a 2400, 3600, 6000, 8000, 12000 grit pads and a bottle of polish. The lot came to 21. The polish is 8 but IMHO not needed as I used the machine polisher.

Each pad is about 1"x2" in size and is re-useable.

The process is straightforward but was a little nerve wracking at first.

1. Touch the chip up with OEM touch up paint. Make sure you apply a blob big enough to cover and fill the chip.

2. Let it dry for as long as needed (24 hours)

3. Start to sand the excess with the 2400 grit. When the surface is smooth repeat the process all the way up to the 12000 grit.

4. The 12,000 grit feels a smooth as paper but when done the paintwork will also be as smooth as glass (although it will be a matt finish and not shiny).

5. I then used the DA polisher for a couple of minutes to bring back the original shine.

6. Coat of polish and thats it job done.

I was a little cautious at first as sanding my paintwork goes against everything I have ever done and was worried when the final finish was matt and dull. However once I used the DA polisher to finish and saw the result I was over the moon.

I never need worry about stone chips again.