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Originally Posted by reb03 View Post
IMO the TT is clearly in sight if you so much as glance down by the TMAP. I'd just have a friend with skinnier arms remove it before service.
YEah I have to agree for the moment to remove it for service visits. It is not detectable by the Diagnostic equipment even when it's on the car but it can be seen. Now this is we believe a temporary situation based on the reception the TT is getting by BMW. WE had several BMW officials stop by our booth at the SEMA show this last week to say how happy they were with the TT on their own cars.

We have half a dozen or so BMW dealerships who sell the TT in their parts departments. I say we spoke to about 15 more at the show who wanted to carry it as well. And of course we won the best enginnered new product award from the international press corp. and that helps too.